Mini-market at Moreh inauguarated


From our correspondant
MOREH, Dec 24: A mini market shed construected in between Sijang Veng and Maoyang veng  at Moreh border town was ianugurated yesterday by the chairman of  Chandel ADC, Sesei Zou.
The inaugural function was presided over by Lhunkhojang Baite.
The chairman Chandel ADC, Sesei Zou while giving his inaugural speech yesterday mentioned that, the newly inaugurated mini market shed in between Sijang Veng and Maoyang veng has been constructed under DRDA Chandel with funding from the Centre.
He appealed to the representatives of Integrated  Rural People’s Socio Economic & Environment Development Society Moreh to look after the market shed and  public toilets properly and maintain utmost cleanliness.
He further mentioned that, ADC Chandel is planning to install solar lamps in major streets of Moreh border town under MANIREDA. The Solar lightings in Moreh town will starts from ADC office Moreh to Moreh Police ststion, Gate No. 1, Gate No. 2 and road leading to Galngam Lengton ground, and vital installations areas.
He further said, considering the grievances of facing in Moreh hospital due to the irregularitiues of power supply, ADC Chandel is considering for the installation of solar power generation unit in the Moreh hospital in the nearest future, he added.
The inaugural function yesterday was attended by Jangmanag Haokip president Hill trible council.


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