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Assembly committee to discuss CAG and other reports

IMPHAL, Jan 16: The meeting of the public undertaking committee of  the Manipur Legislative Assembly will be held on January 20, 21 and  22nd this month in the Committee room of the  Manipur Assembly Secretariat examine the report of the  Controller and Auditor General of the India  for the year ended March 31, 2009 in para-wise in respect of the various undertaking corporations in the state.
As per the official notifications, meeting for Manipur Industrial Development, Corporation to examine the Report of the Controller and Auditor General of India will be from 11am to 1pm of January 20,  and similar meeting for the Manipur Plantation Crops Corporation Ltd will be held from 2 pm till 4pm of  January 20 this montyh and  meeting for the Manipur Film Development Corporation Ltd. Will be held 11am to  2pm of  January 21.
The meeting for  Manipur Police housing Corporation Ltd will also be held at 11am on January 21 afternoon and meeting for the  Manipur Pulp & Allied Products Ltd and Manipur Tribal development Corporation Ltd will be  held on January 22 this month to examine the report of the  Controller and Auditor General of India for the  year ended March 31. 2009 for the aforesaid corporations.
In view of the official scheduled for the said corporations, all concerned members of the  committee are directed to make it convenient to attend the aforesaid meeting, the reliable source added.



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