KCP to boycott Republic Day

    IMPHAL Jan 14: The KCP (Maoist) in a press statement by the outfit`s Publicity and propaganda Secretary Malemnganba Meeitei announced the boycott of the upcoming Republic day celebrations. The release states that a 24 hour strike is imposed beginning from 5pm of January 25 till 5 pm of the following day and appeals to the public to give support.
    In a release it said AFSPA and the violation of human rights should be decried and many individuals have been imprisoned for raising their voices against unjust governance, the release stated.
    The fight for independence of Kashmir is significant and public opinion has shown that the nation has failed in surpressing the movement.
    It said rogue members of the KCP have been recruiting drug addicts at Sajiwa Jail as their cadres and carrying out anti social activities to portray the outfit in the wrong light.
    Such activities is a failed strategy and the public is aware of this, it said.
    It said the claim that Suspension of Operations with certain ethnic groups have slowed down the insurgency movement is not a reality but a political dream, the release states.
    The outfit stated that the public, the students and the NCC cadets should refrain from joining the Republic Day celebrations.



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