Major Jyotin to receive Ashok Chakra posthumously


IMPHAL Jan 25: Major (Late) Jyotin of Manipur, the first army doctor is receiving the highest peace time gallantry award the Ashok Chakra for his exceptional bravery. The officer laid down his life while fighting terrorists during an attack on Indians in Kabul. A PIB (DW) press release states that the award will be received by his younger brotherĀ  L Boeing Singh accompanied by Capt Dinesh Bhardwaj of 357 Field Hospital of Red Shield Division at Republic Day Parade.
Major Jyotin Singh was posted at Indian Embassy in Kabul. On 16 Feb 2010, the day of the incident when a couple of terrorist stormed into the residential complex firing indiscriminately and lobbing grenades, Major Jyotin charged bare handed on the suicide bomber pinning him down to the ground. Unable to escape the militant detonated his explosive-laden vest killing himself as well as the officer.
The undaunted courage of Major Jyotin Singh led to saving a lot of innocent life at the Embassy and brought laurels for him and the country, the release states.

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  1. This is one of those amazing war stories. Major Jyotin is a hero ranking with the greats of any army of any era. To make such an instinctive act of bravery selflessly saving the lives of others deserves the highest honour.

    But why does India remain silent, wilfully unhear the satyagraha of its other selfless heroine. Irom Sharmila has been feted by other countries S Korea with is Gwanjiu award, other states Assam, with the Signature Peace and Harmony award, Kerala with the Mayillama award, Karnataka gave her a lifetime achievement award, and of course the IIPM’s Rabindranath Tagore Prize.

    There is one award that India could give to acknowledge the selfless sacrifice of her life and liberty for the freedom of her fellow Indians. There is one way India can honour the memory of the Mahatma Gandhi also murdered by a violent Indian. And there is only one award she seeks.

    Repeal AF(SP)A now as promised by so many judicial reviews, by the Prime Minister, by the Union Home Minister, as demanded by the Will of the People of Manipur. As the Supreme Court put it recently Mother India should not murder her own children. Repeal AF(SP)A and stop this murder.

    Free Irom Sharmila. Violence has made things worse in Manipur over the last fifty years. Only the insane believe more violence will solve problems here. Give peace a chance.


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