PREPAK calls for united struggle


IMPHAL Jan 5: The Peoples’ Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) in a press statement stressed on the need for a united struggle for independence as the need of the hour.
Stating that the state has been reeling under the colonial yoke after becoming a part of the and mentions the imposition of AFSPA 1958 as a long term torture of the Manipuri society and endless crimes against humanity having been committed under the provisions of the act by the central security forces.
Highlighting the woes of the public for not getting essential commodities and failure to curb the price rise have further alienated the public from the rest of the Nation and this will be the downfall of the so called democracy , as no proper policies have been taken up or implemented for the welfare of the state ,the release alleges
Comparing Manipur to Estonia of the Soviet Union having a population of 15 lacs , the release states that all sort of facilities from electricity to public hygiene have been given due attention by the government and the Estonians have a high standard of living, whereas Manipur having a population of more than 24 lacs have been treated in a step-motherly manner by the Indian Government and is playing a divide and rule policy amongst the hill and the valley population .
The outfit states that the need to be united among the different communities of the state is of paramount importance as unity is strength.
The New Year heralds a hope of bringing an end to all the woes suffered by the public, the release concludes.


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