Thangal Nagas celebrate Ang-Gee Pheo Tnagnit


IMPHAL, Jan 7: The Thangal Naga tribe has celebrated the cultural festival Ang-Gee Pheo Tangnit (Feast of Sanctification) on January 5 last at Nteiramphung, Tumnoupokpi village, Senapati district as a mark of their first near years day celebration 2011, with a theme on “Foster & Preserve Your Culture”.
The programme was jointly organized by the SATAD-M (Social Action for Tribal Areas Development) Manipur and Thangal Naga Union (TNU), sponsored by the Tribal Research Institution (TRI). The programme includes various items of their traditional games, folk songs, traditional musical piece with a piano, hoing etc. It also evolves the fascinated the hearts of all the spectators.
The joint director TRI, Manipur Solomon Zingkhai, Dy. Director TRI, K Lunkim, staff of the TRI office, chief functionary and secretary of the SATAD-M organization, president of the TNU, ADC Kangpokpi and many other dignitaries were present for the Thangal Cultural Festival.
The dignitaries during the celebration mentioned that, the people of modern days must preserve and foster our traditional culture because it is the gift and art of our fore father given as knowledge of today’s life, further H Khangba, president TNU asserted that Ang-Gee Pheo Tangnit is an honourable  festival in which we ask to sanctify all their past defiling acts with water, and then, repent to a new life, new hope with good spirit, as they are all stepping to a new start of a New Year 2011 he added.

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