AFATEF to take action against census enumerators


IMPHAL, Feb 22: The Association for Arrested Teachers Family (AFATEF), Manipur has informed to begin taking against individuals discharging census duty.
Intimidating this in a statement, S. Memcha Devi, secretary AFATEF, stated that on finding some of the teachers conducting census duty defying the warning of the AFATEF announced earlier they have resorted to destroying some documents relating to the census.
In the wake of such move, some individuals have started submitting unfinished census reports before reaching last date for the census work, it claimed adding it urged individuals to desist such irresponsible work.
While stating that census work is not a joke, it stated non-compliance of the warning will be dealt seriously.
It may be recalled that the AFATEF) had appealed all concerned enumerator to stay away from census duty within the 40 Assembly Constituencies of valley district adding that the AFATEF should not be held responsible for any untoward incident arising out of the non-compliance of the appeal the AFATEF.


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