BJP storms Raj Bhavan decrying price rice and corruption


IMPHAL, Feb 21: As a part of the nationwide protest launched by Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) against price rise and corruption, a large number of workers of BJP Manipur Pradesh led by its president Sh. Shantikumar Sharma today stormed at Raj Bhavan and submitted a memorandum to the Governor apprising him of the myriad issues faced by the people of the state.
A mass rally was also conducted by the workers of BJP Manipur Pradesh from its office located at Nityaipat Chuthek up to Raj Bhavan. They shouted slogans such as `Down with corrupt government`, `Give adequate PDS items`, `Control price rise`, `Dissolve anti-people government`, `Fulfill demands of COTA` etc. for about half an hour in front of the Raj Bhavan before submitting the memorandum to the Governor.
Speaking to media-persons at the sideline of the protest rally, the state president of BJP, Sh. Shantikumar Sharma stated that the problems of price rise and corruption are very much rampant under the Congress led government at both the Centre and the state.
The BJP has already organized protest rally at various parts of the state as a part of the nationwide campaign against price and corruption. The Congress led government at both the Centre and the state should take up welfare policies for the common people of the state rather than creating artificial scarcity of essential commodities such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG, he enjoined.
The state president further maintained that the demands of the Council of Teachers`™ Association (COTA) regarding the implementation of 6th revised pay should be fulfilled by the state government in due consideration for the welfare of students who are the future pillars of the society.
He also drew the attention of the concerned authority to streamline the public distribution system so as to make the items such as rice, sugar and kerosene available to the public timely and regularly.
The memorandum submitted to the Governor of Manipur mentioned that the people of the state are suffering due to extraordinary trend of price rise of essential commodities, especially petroleum products. The failure of public distribution system in the state has also made the people belonging to BPL suffer immensely leaving no room for their survival amidst problems of price rise and corruption under the Congress government.
The BJP has also urged the Governor to intervene in the ongoing impasse between the state government and COTA and bring amicable solutions for ensuring proper education to the students of the state.
In the memorandum, the BJP also demanded prompt action to streamline public distribution system, strict measures against the officials of CAF & PD and Chief Minister to ensure proper distribution of PDS items, and strict action against illegal hoarders and black-marketers.
The memorandum was submitted by a three-member team of BJP Manipur Pradesh comprising of president Shantikumar, ex-Speaker Dr. H. Borbabu and state vice-president Salam Ibohal.


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