COTA against census duty


IMPHAL, Feb 8: The Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) while re-affirming its earlier stand has informed not to accept duty of the second phase census 2011 operation commencing from tomorrow.

A statement of the COTA in this regards revealed that showing their support to the teachers who are lodged in jail, the teachers under the COTA has resolved in a meet held today not to accept the census duty until demands put up by them are fulfilled. A draft of the resolution was also sent to the director.

At the same time, it said prior to the taking of resolution the COTA had sent e-mail to the concerned Director General of India and Director, for relaxing the striking teachers from the purview of the census operation, on January, 14, 2011.

It further asserted COTA had earlier announced its stand through media the stand of the teacher.

The Government has totally failed to acknowledge what it had assured in series of meeting held between the representatives of the Government.


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