Editorial – Economic policy of the state should be Transparent


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press

Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda

The state plan size for the next fiscal year 2011-12 due to begin from April this year has been finalized at Rs. 3,210 crores, and Rs. 800 crores is for the SPA including Special Central Assistance, an increased of 20 percent from the fiscal year 2010-11, the plan size for the fiscal year 2010-11 was Rs. 2,600 crores including the amount of Rs. 750 crores under the Special Plan assistance.

It was very upset on the side of state government which fails to get the proposed amount of Rs. 4021 crores from the Planning Commission of India. Even though the existing SPF government in the state still running with full mercy from the central UPA government as result there is a tremendous improve of state financial position since its inception as government of the Manipur State.

On the other hand, it has witnessed during the last many that the state government even there is enough funds many of the developmental works could not be implemented in the stipulated times and many projects and scheme implementing in the state are lying unfinished. Apart from these, many of the major department could not utilized the plan money in time which caused serious concerned by the state government and state government has compelled to deposit the unspent money for many department to the state account 844.

Indication of such slow in utilisation of plan money by the departments indicates the lack of economic policy of the state government which is not a good sign of improvement of state administration as whole. It has also been witnessed in the state that, every year the diversion of funds from the department which could not utilise the plan money even nearing to the completion of financial year. The same thing is seen this year that many departments except few major departments could not accelerate the utilisation of plan money for the current financial year 2010-11, as result the Chief minister O Ibobi Singh in different state plan review meeting advised the head of department for acceleration of utilisation of the plan money to extend of 90 percent of the allocated funds for the sectors.

The existing disorders and lack of maintaining financial discipline by the departments need to be checked carefully by the concerned head of departments and minister concerned so as to avoid the repeating lapses in various department. Further it would be more appropriate if the officials from the Planning Commission of India visiting the state take first hand account of the developmental activities being taken up and other related financial matters. By doing this will materialise the existing negligence of departments while taking up the developmental activities in the state.

Rs. 3,210 crores is huge money as consider to the state of Manipur, if this funds is utilise proper by the state government, the existing grievances facing in the state by the people in terms of education, road transport and communications, scarcity of daily essential items, water supply, power etc will be definitely improve year by year. But the people of the state have been witnessing the degradation in every aspects of social welfare and other developmental activities which give direct benefits to the people of the state. Here the role of state government to maintain transparency in every aspects of utilisation of funds is very much required.


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