Govt employees to join teachers protest for pay hike


IMPHAL Feb 2: The JAC of the All Manipur Trade Unions Council (AMTUC) and All Manipur Govt Employees Organisation (AMGEO)  supporting the protest of Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) appeals the state government to give the rightful demands of the teachers.
A press statement by the publicity secretary of the JAC ,L Priyobratta states that the demands of the teachers are reasonable and the government should refrain from arresting the teachers and putting them in judicial custody like common criminals. If the trend continue , then unwanted incidents may be provoked , the release warned.
Further , the statement said that alongwith the JAC and COTA leaders , a meeting held with the state government representatives brought an end to the earlier strike on 19-5-2010 after an understanding was reached . The failure to honor the  memorandum of understanding by the government led to the teachers staging the protest and if the government still remains aloof , then a joint meeting of COTA , JAC and Manipur Secretariat Service will be held on February 10 to discuss the further course of action ,the release said.
The government employees will decide on the course of holding strikes if the government still fails to address the complaints of the teachers . The wages of the teachers and the top officials including politicians are unsymmetrical when at par with the times , the teachers are paid less while other officials enjoy a handsome salary. The government needs to correct the wrongs as the teachers work just as hard and with a responsibility to shape the future pillars of the nation . Failure to do so will prove to be the undoing of the government and will be viewed as a failure of the SPF governance , the release added.

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