Govt instructs SoO signatories to restrain cadres from indulging in anti social activities


IMPHAL, Feb 19: The authorities of both the central and state government who were present during the formal meeting round of Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) which was convened today at Banquet Hall inside the 1st MR Ground Imphal assured to fulfill the pending developmental activities for the total rehabilitation of the Kuki outfits which are under a tri partite Suspension of Operation with the central and the state government.
According to an official source, the official round of JMG relating to the present SoO agreement with the Kuki under ground groups under the KNO/KNA and UPF was convened this morning around 11 am at the Banquet Hall inside the 1st MR Ground Imphal and discussed various pending agendas that the government is yet to complete for the implementation of total rehabilitations of the cadres of the various Kuki undergrounds under the SoO.
It further mentioned that, the JMG meeting was attended by CM Bhatia, under secretary, (North East-II) Ministry of Home Affairs`™ Government of India, officials representatives of Army, Assam Rifles, CRPF, BSF representing Government of India, and State Chief Secretary DS Poonia, Addl. GDP (Intl. and L/O), V. Vumlungmang Commissioner Home, Government of Manipur representing the state.
The talks deliberated on various issues related to the completion of the remaining designated camps and release of due monthly stipends for the cadres who were already recognized under the SoO.
The source further mentioned that, the demands which were placed before the JMG meeting by the leaders of the various Kuki outfits over the completion of the selected designated camps in the state were assured to complete along with the clearance of the due stipends of the cadres for the months from November last year.
On the other hand the representatives of both the central and the state government present during the meeting have also given strong instructions to the leaders of the outfits to make their maximum efforts to control their respective cadres from indulging in various anti national activities like extortions, kidnapping and ransom demands specially in their operational areas so as to enable the state government to maintain proper law and order.
The JMG meeting concluded with the joint launch of the representatives of the Kuki undergrounds present in the meeting today with the officials of both and central and state government at 1st MR Banquet hall this noon, the source added.


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