India’s design will be defeated with its money: UNLF


IMPHAL, Feb 20: Reacting to the false charges leveled by NIA against the arrested leaders of UNLF, the proscribed UNLF has asserted that the defeat of India will be brought with its own money.
A statement of UNLF signed by senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba said that the NIA is plotting to jail the arrested leaders of UNLF by leveling false charges of extortions and waging wars against India.
India is taking up various policies to suppress the Manipuris in all fields. So far there has been no policy from the side of the Indian government to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people of the region. The cost for freedom movement of the outfit has to be collected from the people as well as colonial loyalists, it said.
The National Economic Policy (NEP) of the outfit has benefited lots of people. One important programme under NEP is the movement for food sustainability through which thousands of farmers of the region have benefited.  Moreover, the outfit also provides micro-financial assistance to the economically backward people so as to improve their livelihood, the statement mentioned.
Further, it said that India should give compensations to the people for the losses incurred due to colonial exploitations in the region, and added that the sole objective of the outfit is to defeat the colonial forces of India with its money.
The UNLF also lauded the people for their support towards the demand for holding plebiscite through which the freedom of Manipur can be restored. 


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