JAC of murdered SDO and associates perturbed by ransom issue


IMPHAL, Feb 22: The second session of the trial of Hopeson Ningshen for the killing of Dr. Th. Kishan, SDO Kasom Khullen and his two associates Y. Token and A. Rajen Sharma was conducted today in the court of the special judge, CBI, O.P. Sahni at Patiala House, New Delhi.
Ningshen was first produced in the same court on January 31, 2011. he has been charge with `criminal conspiracy` in the robbing, kidnapping for ransom, murder and withholding the stolen mobile phone of Dr. Kishan under section 392 read with 120-B IPC, section 302 read with 120-B IPC, Section 16 of UAPA read with 120-B IPC and section 411 IPC. The concerned witnesses will be produced in the court during March 21 to 25 at the expense of the CBI as per the Supreme Court ruling.
A press release of S. Tikendrajit, chairman of the JAC against the killing of the three, while noting the kidnapping for ransom framed against the accused, reiterated that the family members of the victims did not receive any demand for ransom after the kidnapping of the three.
It said that the JAC wants a clear picture whether the ransom was demanded only from Dr. Kishan and if so the motive behind the killing of the other two. `Such a line of framing the accused betrays a lame strategy to reduce and fit every crime in the region within the easily received discourses of ransom and extortion`, held the JAC.
At the same time, it maintained that nothing has been heard about the other three co-accused Major RI Yurhor alias Abo Sibo, Town commander, Sergeant Major S.K Themson alias Ashang and Corporal Johnny of the NSCN-IM army adding it questioned, `If hopeson Ningshen is a threat to `Unity, Integrity, Security or Sovereignty of India,` how safer is the Indian democracy when the other three co-accused are still absconding`.


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