Man dies allegedly from extreme torture meted out by police commandos


IMPHAL, Feb 28: In an apparent case of continued atrocities unleashed by security personnel on general public in the trouble torn state of Manipur, a 52 year old man succumbed to his injuries after being allegedly severely tortured by police commandos.

The victim is identified as one Athokpam Angousana, 52, s/o (L) Yaima of Kumbi Napat Mayai Lekai.

According to family sources at about 5 pm yesterday a team of Manipur police commandos had come from Laphupat Tera Daballo Khong outpost to inquire about Athokpam Angousana, 52, s/o (L) A Yaima of Kumbi Napat Mayai Leikai. After having identified, Angousana was picked up from his residence in Kumbi by the police without having to produce arrest memo and on verbal charges of running guns for outlawed rebels.

After being detained for the whole night he was later handed over to the family this morning around 9 am. The family was also made to sign a document for the release of the victim, the source added.

The condition of the victim was said to be very weak while he was handed over to the family. He remained semi conscious and his whole body bear bruise mark. The body bored multiple injury marks revealing evidence of brutal torture in custody. His thigh and back were particularly revealing with the black and blue marks of vicious infliction. Owing to his deteriorating condition the victim was rushed to RIMS this morning around 11 am however he failed to recover despite administering medical and succumbed to his injuries, the sources said.

The family members have claimed that the victim is `innocent` and has never been involved in any case of arm smuggling.

Meanwhile, on hearing about the news of the death the concerned Kumbi MLA, N. Mangi also rushed to RIMS hospital.

Briefing media persons at the RIMS he condemned such atrocities and termed the act as anti social. He expressed his desire to root out such merciless atrocities of the police commandos once and for all adding informed that the matter will be brought up on the floor of the house in the upcoming budget session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Drawing the attention of the Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Mangi demanded justice in the incident by terminating the police personnel involved in the incident.

The corpse of the victim has been deposited at the RIMS morgue for post mortem.

Condemning the inhuman act of the police, the local MLA N Mangi said that anti social minded police who have tarnished the image of the men in uniform must be rooted out of the society in order that people may live in peace and security.

The local MLA, N Mangi said of today`s episode which is perpetrated by the law enforcer themselves as threatening the peace and security of general public in the State. He has sent a memorandum to the chief minister asking for prompt action in penalizing the culprits of such heinous act by summarily dismissing the guilty police personnel.

The unfortunate issue will not be simply shelved away, he iterated, adding that the matter will be raised in the 10th Manipur legislative assembly session set to commence from March 8 next.

The law enforcer themselves have don the garb of law breakers in Manipur today, he said, therefore the State assembly must deliberate on the ways to uproot such atrocious conduct by some section of the police which has brought bad image to the entire department.

It may be mentioned that this is not the first time that the men in uniform both the central as well as the state forces have been blamed for human rights violation and reported to be on the wrong side of the law. In 2003, Th Manorama Devi was allegedly raped and brutally murdered by personnel of 17 AR following which a strong public unrest erupted in the state. In November 2000, Assam Rifles personnel sprayed bullets indiscriminately on the waiting civilians in a suburbia locality of Malom in Imphal. The incident fired Irom Sharmila Chanu to challenge and demand from the mighty Indian state and its military agency to repeal its strapping law AFSPA from the soil of Manipur.


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