Need for a Bank in Tamei Area



“Modern life of the 21st Century” is not what you can expect of people living in regions where there are no basic amenities that contribute to make it one. Tamei area is such, teeming with people and life but sadly is still waiting to see the basic necessities of life that contribute to make life modern terms such as globalization, banking, internet are still alien to this niche. The absence of a bank has in many ways handicapped this region. Since 1786, when the first bank was established in India the banking system has seen great changes. Now it is no more confined only to the metropolitans but has reached even the remote corners of the country. However, in the face of such achievements it is sad to note that the public population of about 20,000 (Twenty thousand) in the Tamei areas has no bank in its premises no bank will mean deterring factors to loans, fiances and other facilities that constitute the regulation of life and economy of the people. There are about 4Q0 (four hundred) Government Employees in Tamei area who have either no bank accounts or have to go to the nearest banks in Tamenglong or Kangpokpi or even as far as Imphal which are inconveniently more than 60 kms and 120 kms away respectively. These public inconveniences have been conveniently overlooked by the Government for decades now. Here, it must be noted that decades ago there were some efforts made by the Government to set up a bank at Tamei, however it has become dysfunctional due to the regretted 1984 incident. With enhanced security measures taken these risks of untoward incidents can be thwarted. The police post and the military force stationed there give an air of fresh confidence securing the area. The Area Civil Society has also solemnly undertaken the obligations of responsibility and liability towards this proposed project. As much the risk, the rewards and benefits are high and could help perk up the economy of the area. Major concerns such as site and construction can be met with as there are availability of lands and buildings of choices in the area. The ALGEWA, in public interest has been voicing these concerns and grievances faced by the public for sometime now. It is high time the State Government took some initiatives to make life more hassle free and convenient by either restoring or opening a new SBl branch in Tamei area. This would not only benefit the few elites of the community but on the whole bring a sea of changes in the economic life of the lower classes as well.

Yours faithfuily,
President, ALGEWA(M)


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