NSCN-K refutes reports of its chairman meeting with IM leaders


IMPHAL, Feb 8: The NSCN-K, in a statement issued by P.Tikhak, spokesperson, president’s office, NSCN/GPRN has strongly refuted the news article on the likely visit by Chairman S.S.Khaplang to Nagaland for meeting Isak Chishi Swu.
It said that there is no truth in it. The chairman, NSCN has not given any consent on meeting Isak. “Let us be clear that the Covenant of Reconciliation was signed based on the Historical and political rights of the Nagas. Unless if the historical and the political rights are honored there is no question of meeting” it said.
Hundreds and Thousands of Naga brothers and sisters both armed and un-armed has lost their life for the sacred cause of the Naga Nation on the Indian side and an equal number of Nagas has sacrificed on the Burmese side as well, it noted.
The supreme sacrifice made by them will never be compromised. Isak and Muivah through their 31 points of charter demand placed before the GOI has abandoned the eastern Nagas wherein they mentioned that, “The eastern part of Nagaland will not form a part of the present peace negotiation.”  Inspite of this fact, the chairman went a step ahead and agreed to sign the covenant of reconciliation hoping to bring peace and an end to fratricidal killing but, unfortunately they are continuing their parleys with that same agenda and many more secret agenda in hand; which is not acceptable and hence it is also not possible to reconcile with people, with an ulterior motive, it maintained.
It said the Sovereignty is the only solution for the Nagas. Nothing less than it, was acceptable or will be acceptable for the Nagas. Therefore, we withdraw all our commitment on reconciliation from those parties who had committed a national crime by selling the sovereign rights of the Nagas to the occupational forces.
“We are also taking strong exception on the term used by Mr. Atem. He might not be aware but, he must know and must also tell his comrades who had fallen and also to those who are alive that, it was the wrong policy of their leaders which were responsible for the crisis”.
It maintained that Khaplang is an undisputed Naga leader. Dysentery and Malaria is not new to our people. We live and we die with it. It was there than and it is here even today. True to Atem as he admitted, the statement observed that it was these diseases and the truth that Burma being under the military rule with a very slim chance of coming to terms has prompt Isak and Muivah to look for a greener pasture under the Indian Democratic system with many constitutional remedies and that is where they stand today and it will take much time for the outfit to identify who the real traitor was and who is today, adds the statement.   


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