Police vehicle attacked for manipulation by Wangoi mob


IMPHAL, Feb 21: Irate mob blocking the Mayang Imphal road in protest against the missing of two individuals of Top Siphai Makha Leikai allegedly after being picked up by security forces, today attack the vehicle of OC Mayang Imphal for manipulation.
At the same time, to disperse the enrage mob police also fired several rounds in the air.
According to spot information, the incident occurred this afternoon around 1 pm. A group of protestors under the JAC formed against the missing of Chabungbam Manglemba Singh, 31, s/o Ch. Nungsijao Singh and Longjam Suresh Singh, 27, s/o L. Mangi Singh of Top Siphai Makha Leikai, were blocking the Mayang Imphal road from Thongkhong Luxmi Bazaar and Wangoi Machu Cinema Hall. A vehicle of the OC Mayang Imphal Police Station tried to pass through the blockade escorting a passenger vehicle (TATA DI).
The protestor allowed the police vehicle to pass however denied passage to the passenger vehicle consequently the OC in an attempt to provide passage to the passenger vehicles negotiated with the protestors stating that he was escorting a team of Mediapersons and journalists.
Contrary to the OC`™s claim a team of media was already present covering the blockade. On being suspicious the protestors checked the vehicle but there were no mediapersons inside the vehicle.
Angry upon the manipulation of the OC the protestors went on rampage and started attacking both the vehicles using stones and sticks. In an attempt to disperse the mob the police also resorted to firing several rounds in the air and later retreated from the scene.
In the meantime, of the two missing persons, Chabungbam Manglemba Singh was reportedly released this evening at Koirengei area. He is further reported to be admitted to one of the hospitals inside Imphal, however the exact hospital coud not be ascertained till the filing of this report.The victim was said to be a distributor of local daily Naharolgi Thoudang.
However Longjam Suresh Singh remain still untraceable, he is said to be a referee of the voluntary federation of India.
It may be recalled that the two individuals identified as one Chabungbam Manglemba Singh, 31, s/o Ch. Nungsijao Singh and Longjam Suresh Singh, 27, s/o L. Mangi Singh of Top Siphai Makha Leikai were allegedly whisked away by security personnel from their residence on the intervening night of February 18 and 19.


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