UNLF warns WIGC secretary.


IMPHAL Feb 5: The United National Liberation Front (UNLF) in a press statement issued by the outfit’s senior publicity secretary Ksh Yoiheiba warns dire consequences against individuals having close proximity with the security forces.
 The release states that one Indira Oinam of Women’s Income Generation Centre , Thoubal is openly acknowledging the efforts of the security forces especially the Assam Rifles and  openly cavorting with them . Mentioning the crimes pertaining to human rights violation carried out in the state, the release states that many innocent persons have fallen victims to the Assam Rifles in the name of counter insurgency and mentioned the case of Thangjam Manorama who was killed in the most questionable circumstances. There are other examples of the brutality of the security forces and the demonstration by the Imas in front of Kangla gate is a testimony to the brutality of the AR , the release stated.
Further , there will be no good from maintaining relationship with the AR in purview of their civic action programs , because the overall agenda of the Indian government is to subjugate the Manipuri populace, thereby the public needs to remain wary of the nefarious designs , the release stated .
In the regard , the UNLF strongly stands against the endeavour of Oinam Indira and the ‘Crafts Bazar’ held at Thoubal  as she voiced that the Assam Rifles are friends of the public , the statement is not taken lightly , and her views are taken as a stance against the outfit and the general public,the UNLF release said.
Further , the outfit warns of dire consequences if Oinam Indira and others works in favour of the Assam Rifles.


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