KCP (MC) shows solidarity to anti-AFSPA crusade


    IMPHAL, Mar 17: The proscribed KCP (MC) has shown solidarity to the anti-AFSPA crusade launched by various organizations of the state, especially by Irom Sharmila.
    A statement of the outfit signed by secretary military affairs Lanheiba Meitei said that the people of Manipur have been tortured and killed by Indian security forces ruthlessly under the shadow of AFSPA, 1958.
    Irom Sharmila has been on fast for the last ten years demanding the repeal of draconian law from the soil of Manipur and hence the people should render support to the anti-AFSPA crusade.
    The KCP (MC) further appealed to the people to stand united against the AFSPA and held restore peace and normalcy to the state.


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