Planning dept sends reminder to DoNER ministry on non release of funds


IMPHAL, March 4: The State planning department has recently reminded the Doner on the non release of the remaining funds meant for the construction of the nine veterinary hospitals for each districts of the state.

Taking a serious note of the non release of the remaining funds by the DoNER ministry which has resulted in the stalling of the projects, even though the state had already provided all necessary requirements for the release of the funds including the Utilisation certificates (UC), detail project reports (DPR), work plans and inspection reports, the state planning department has reminded the ministry for further release of the remaining funds.

According to an official source, the project cost for the construction of the veterinary hospitals in nine districts of the state was approved at the cost of Rs.748.92 lakhs out of which Rs.462.80 lakhs was released by the Ministry of DoNER for the current financial year.

It further mentioned that the state government has already submitted the Utilization Certificate for an expenditure of Rs.233.156 lakhs, progress report for the quarter ending December 2010; work plan for the remaining works and Inspection Report has also been forwarded to the ministry of DoNER very recently.

The official source also mentioned that, there is nil unspent balance as on December 31 last year and overall physical progress is 85% and target for the completion of the constructions of the all nine district Veterinary hospitals is March this month, and in view of the target which has been fixed by the state government, the concerned department along with the state government has made serious intimation to the ministry of DoNER to release the next installment for timely completion of the projects very recently, the official source added.


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