This Is The Time!


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


We must save Sharmila and help her repeal AFSPA. This is the best chance or best time till now to do so. All those in this world who think her stand is right and gave prestigious awards must unite. The president of India Pratibha Devisingh Patil is coming to Manipur for two days. It is the international Day of woman. It would be the right time to let our president know what Shirin Ebadi the lady novel laureate for peace said on a trip to India in 2006. Here is an extract from Tehelka (9/12/2009)“IF SHARMILA DIES, PARLIAMENT IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE ,” she thundered at a gathering of journalist. “IF SHE DIES, COURT AND JUDICIARY ARE RESPONSIBLE, THE MILITARY IS RESPONSIBLE… IF SHE DIES, THE EXECUTIVE, THE PM AND THE PRESIDENT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING NOTHING…. IF SHE DIES EACH ONE OF YOU JOURNALIST IS RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT DO YOUR DUTY…” Moreover the London College shows solidarity to Sharmila.

Repealing of AFSPA is objected by the defense minister A.K. Anthony but the president is the supreme commander’s of armed force she can over-rides it
Yours faithfully
Sapam Subhangker
Citizen Journalist, Nagamapal.


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