Zeliangrong militant outfit tongue lashes NSCN-IM


Imphal, Mar 8 (NNN): Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF), a militant outfit, has unleashed a no holds barred condemnation against NSCN-IM saying that the former`s revolutionary spirit could not be dampened by simply trying to overpowering the outfit.

“Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) will never give up the spirit and hope of defending the land and people of the minority Zeliangrong community,” said the ZUF today.

The strong statement of ZUF comes at a time when the Naga reconciliation under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) is running into rough weather.

There has not been any fresh bloodbath amongst the Nagas for a long time. ZUF has since been confined in their camp Sinai, it said, “But the NSCN-IM has disturbed the peace by attacking and ambushing our camp .”

Coming out openly for the first time after the ZUF-NSCN (IM) gun battle of March 5, the Zeliangrong outfit said that “Sinai Camp of ZUF was attacked by NSCN-IM on March 5 killing Poule Nkonme, a member of Zeliangrong Tiger Force (ZTF), the armed wing of ZUF. In the 3-hour gunfight that started at 10:30 am, one or two cadres of NSCN-IM might have also sustained injury.”

“The revolutionary blood of Poulei Nkonme, the Zeliangrong hero will not be lost in transient abandon despite the sustained discriminatory operation undertaken by the NSCN-IM administration against the Zeliangrong people,” said ZUF. It went on to ask if it is right for the NSCN-IM to decide the future of Zeliangrong people. “Does NSCN-IM have to control the rights of Zeliangrong? It questioned, saying that the sacrifice rendered by the slain cadre of ZUF will only strengthen its revolutionary zeal and bring victory for the people of Zeliangrong.

The outfit has expressed its condolence for the slain cadre who was killed on the fateful March 5 from the bullet of NSCN-IM. “The government of ZUF and ZTF pay homage and honorable salute to the departed soul of `sergeant` Poulei Nkonme, the hero who rendered his selfless service for the cause of Zeliangrong,” it said while thanking Zeliangrong civil bodies for shouldering responsibility financially, physically, materially and through prayer supports at the time of pain and sorrow of the demised of its cadre. It has also thanked the public who had shown concern by attending the funeral service staged according to the customary rites of the Zeliangrong tribe.

“ZUF expresses our heartfelt gratitude to Khoupum area Ruangmai Luphuam for your motherly love and courageous intervention in the gunfight between ZUF and NSCN-IM on March 5 in the thick of the jungle.”

In the aftermath of the March 5 incident, Zeliangrong leaders, intellectuals and the public have been appealing to all the revolutionaries to maintain peace and harmony in Zeliangrong areas. International community will not remain silent when democratic movements are launched, ZUF said, adding that “no forces of adversary will be able to subdue mass movement if the Zeliangrong community remains united in their struggle with the slogan Zeliangrong Ringtelo! or Long live the Zeliangrong people”.


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