Parapakaara/Parikshita (Well Wish for other/See others for own)


B.A. SharmaHis Holiness Swami Sivanandaji has explained about seven types of Sadhana. Those Sadhanas are (1) Aarogya Sadhana (exercise for protection from illness, (2) Praanshakti Sadhana (To strengthen soul) (3) Charitra Sadhana (Exercise to improve character, (4) Ecchha Shakti Sadhana (To control over Mind), (5) Hriday Sadhana (To improve the sense of selfless service), (6) Maansik Sadhana (To control Mind through the practice of reading holy books like Geeta), (7) Aadhyatmik Sadhana (To practice regular Prayer, Meditation, Japa etc.)
Among the seven Sadhanas the fifth or Hriday Sadhana accounts the selfless services. Of the selfless services Paropakaara or well wishing for others is prime character of the Hriday Sadhaka.
PAROPAKARATherefore, Paropakaara or Para-Upakara is again derived from Shradha or faith; Naam Samaran or sing the glory the Almighty; Sarvaatma Bhava or to see God in all souls of the living beings on the earth plane; Namrata or to give respect to all living souls and Daana or to give or share your income to the others at the capable level.
Therefore, Paropakaara is hidden message of the SRIMAT BHAGAVAT GEETA, His Holiness Swami Chidananda Saraswati explained the significant of the word UDDHAREDAATMAN AATMAANNAM. UDDHARED one should save, AATMANAM – oneself Sunk in the ocean of the world; Aatman – by oneself; one should save, Ut-Haret- should lift (oneself) from that i.e. make it attain the state of establishment in YOGA. (Srimat Bhagwat Geeta 6.5)
So, to say to lift, oneself to save or to help-mind has to purify with the help of the Sadhana, the practice of SRADDHA, NAMA SMARAN, SARWATMA BHAAVA, NAMRATA DAANA and PAROPAKAARA in Yoga. The hidden elements of the Sadhana as above enlightened TYAGA and VAIRAGYA. Tyaga is sacrifice and VAIRAGYA is Pandita or accounting non-importance of the worldly materials. Therefore Paropakaara is the character of a Yogi. Therefore a Pandita or a fulfilled person by own wisdom without addition of any demand, would be the self satisfied person who can help the others.
Paropakaara is one of the core discussions in between the Almighty Krishna and His friend Arjuna the strong Arm, the son of Kunti. While Arjuna as puzzled ignorant in the individual consciousness, in the battle field of Mahabharata. Arjuna has forgotten his duties as son of a Kshetriya. He was talking like wiseman, in ignorant. He worried about his relatives and elderly to fight with him, and thought to be killed by his weapon. For such his ignorant self was perturbed and surrendered to the Almighty Shri Krishna, his shelter. Among the clarifications about the doubts of Arjuna by Shri Krishna Paropakaara or Hridaya-Sadhna was also a distinct character of Humanism.
Further, it is also clear that; the qualification of a person having no choice no jeal, no desire from others alone can think, help, give or wish good for others. So Parapakaara is not the only visible articles in the society. Shall not carry the only meaning to be convinceable by word but also it is the intuitive character of a person, which is only possible when the person become matured in Sadhana and Yoga. As Sadhana is the working element of fulfilling Yoga the Supreme practice of the individual to reach the supreme soul in union.
 Therefore, Paropakaar is the character in the human being covered by ignorant, Prarabdha and environment. Of such hidden character a person has to cut ignorant, Prarabdha and environment by the practice of SADHANA, the HRIDAYA SADHANA or the Yoga in practical enlightenment of the individual wisdom. That is the way of PAROPAKAARA.
PARIKSHITAThe word PARIKSHITA is derived from PARA-IKSHAT i.e. Parikshit.
PARIKSHITA is the AASHAA, Ummid or desire from others. PARA is the second or third person; IKSHATI – is attracted or attraction from the first person or self. Therefore, it is nothing but desire something from other or attracted the another, leaving own position i.e. PARIKSHIT.
History of PARIKSHITPARIKSHIT was the king of BHARATAVARSHA, the only son of ABHIMANYU and UTTARA, the Grandson of Sri Krishna and PANDAVAS, the only heir king of BHARATAVARSHA, the conqueror of KALI, the Knower of death. He was the only person who knowing about his day and time of own death. Though he was also the protector of DHARMA and therefore he subdued KALI; and he established DHARMA in his kingdom after YUDHISTRIRA. He is the person who gave pardon the KALI for the war waged by KALI. After conquering KALI – KALI begged pardon for shelter in the coming eras. PARIKSHIT located KALI in the places where (1) the gambling is going on; (2) where the wine is selling; (3) where the wine is serving and (4) where the prostitution is there.
PARIKSHIT was a hunter by being king. One day he was loitering in jungle in alone. He was thirsty. He reached in a AASHRAM where a Monk was sitting on meditation. He asked about his service. Due to heavy starvation he has forgotten DHYANA of a monk and lost his sense. He look around but found nothing except a dead snake nearby the monk. Due to senseless angry he picked the snake and put it on the neck of the monk. When the son of the monk returned from the river after bath saw the condition of his father, then asked to his father. Who has done it ? His father returned to the sense and understood that, it was happened due to PARIKSHIT on his ignorant caused by KALI. But his son became fire upon and curse to PARIKSHIT. That, the snake TAKSHAK which you put on the shoulder of my father shall bite you on the seventh day from to-day. PARIKSHIT was communicated and ready to die for the act committed by him senselessly, was only person in the world who knew that he will die on an appointed day and time. Therefore, he called up all intellectuals to give him wisdom to give up the world. That is why he was the only lucky person in the world who possessed the news of death and awaited the time and day with happy mood by listening the Glory of Srimat BHAGWATAM from the mouth of SUKADEVA the son of BRAHMA, the SAINT salibate. How PARIKSHIT become entangled in the worldly desire and expected from others.
This is untold story but Philosophy of life which is now facing as PARIKSHIT of the history.When PARIKSHIT was in advanced stage in his mother`s womb; in the meantime the end of the MAHABHARATA touched the ground. All Maharathis have died. With the fire of revenge for DURYODHANA`s killed by BHIMA the son of DRONACHARYA Shri ASWATTHAMA has taken strong pledge to kill PANDAVAS. The PANDAVAS with Sri Krishna and ASWATTHAMA met face to face at the VYASADEVAS presence ASWATTHAMA, picked BRAHMASTRA and fired upon PANDAVA. In turn AARJUN also picked BRHAMASTRA and fired upon ASWATTHAMA. VYASHA hold the energy as asked the both warrior to back the arrows to the respective quibre. Arjuna has taken back the energy to the abode. Whereas ASWATTHAMA could not taken back. Because, he did not have the knowledge of retreat. The situation was turmoil. Because, the energy so released was so purposeful in the name of PANDAVAS. Therefore, it has to lost the PANDAVA dynasty.Here is the key importance of the brave child in the womb of mother UTTARA to whom the BRAHMASTRA (… energy) has been targeted. Because, the PANDAVAS cannot effect by the energy under the care of Krishna. The lucky but unlucky child in the womb had so much of the sense as his father ABHIMANYU had. Both his father Abhimanyu and Parikshit had the power to conceive the eventualities heard to them, while they were in the mother`s womb.
But, the more lucky to PARIKSHIT was the blink of time brought him to have DARSHAN (VISUAL) of Sri VISHNU.
That, when the Brahmastra of Aswatthama has been directed from Pandava to the PANDAVA Child in the womb, heated UTTARA the mother with the BRAMIC energy. She cried and shouted Oh Krishna kindly safeguard my child. Krishna reached inside the womb of UTTARA in the form of micro-VISHNU with four arms adorned with GADDA, PADMA SANKHA and CHAKRA. VISHNU in subtle form was running from left to right, right to left, up and down and encircled Parikshit by VISHNU. Brahmantra has been returned and merged to its abode, the PARAMBRAHMA. During the circumstances the child see VISHNU everywhere. Thereafter the child aborted, though gave his life again by the Lord.
When the child become loveable to all his grand fathers. When Yuddhisthir has picked the child, the child use to see Bhima, when Bhim picked the child use to search Arjuna, when with Arjuna the child seek to Nakula and from Nakula to Sahadeva. In the sense, the child was in search of VISHNU like person. Because, Vishnu was save his life by encircling all round from the attack of BRAHMASTRA. Therefore, it is PARIKSHIT derived from PARA-1KSHATI, PARIKSHIT.
Thus, the desire in human life like Parikshit the world is governed by full of expectations from others inspite of trying to search in own.
PARIKSHIT PHILOSOPHYThe life of PARIKSHIT of MAHABHARATA is the Philosophy of lives of the people of this era. Every person in this era is PARIKSHIT. The worldly atmosphere of this era is BRAHMASTRA which attacked PARIKSHITA, the worldly, individual. The worldly individual is always in need of a VISHNU, the protector from the harmful atmosphere of ASWATTHAMAIC dirty BRAHMASTRA.
And therefore, the Parikshits of the present era are in search of Vishnu the protector, for that the people (Parikshits) are looking around. But, when the Almighty VISHNU, the REALITY will lend in the lives of the PARIKSHITS for liberation.


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