Pistol claimant sought


    IMPHAL, April 18: The District Magistrate Imphal, Imphal East District has sought official claimant of ownership of one M-20 pistol bearing No.200129 with one magazine having five live rounds of ammunitions and one .32 pistol bearing No.38171 with one magazine having five rounds of ammunitions which were recovered by the Porompat police on February 22 this year after arms and ammunitions were abandoned by unidentified persons at the crossing of JN Hospital Porompat.
    In this connection an official order has been issued by the District Magistrate Imphal East on April 15 last that the claim of ownership of the said arms and ammunitions stating such facts, evidence proof etc. thereof which proves the rights of legal ownership can be made on or before June 12 this year before the Magistrate and no claim made over the right of ownership of the said arms shall be entertained after stipulated time and the same shall be confiscated under law the order added.


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