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Editorial – “Effective Youth Policy” a way curve out Social unrest in the state

Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda

The youths have been at the forefront of National Progress in all ages as they play a significant role in the process of social change. They have contributed immensely to fight against economic exploitation, social and political injustice and discrimination based on religion, caste, sex, and are engaged in creative activities to develop their personality and functional capability and thus make them economically productive and socially useful.

Perceiving the versatile role being undertaken by the youths and the imperative need to harness their potential in the national development process, the Government of India framed the National Youth Policy in the year 2003. Further, framing of a State Youth Policy in the line with the National Youth Policy is imperative, keeping in view the varied dimensions of social, economic and political situation of the state. The very policy in the state is to facilitate a multidimensional ad integrated approach towards formulation and implementation of youth programmes in the state and also to give emphasis to greater participation of youth in the process of decision-making and execution of welfare programme of the Government at the local and higher level.

It is also learned that, the State Youth Policy will cover all youth of the state in age group 13-35 years. The number of youth in this age group is about 8,83,795 (37%) out of total population of 23,88,643 as per 2001 census. On the other hand the expert and researchers of the state are of the opinion that Youth development effort in the state have been hampered due to lack adequate information and research facility. The policy therefore suggests establishment of a well organized information and research network concerning various youth related issues to facilitate formulation of and updating development schemes and programmes. The information and research network envisaged by the policy should be extended as far as possible, to the village level so that youth in rural and hill areas could get the full benefit.

In the meantime, State Youth Policy is recognised that education, training and employment, health, preservation of environment, ecology and wildlife, recreation and sport, science and technology, arts and culture and civic and good citizenship are the key sector concern for the youth of the state which the state government need to implement properly. Considering the multiple disorders in the implementation of development schemes and programme touches the key sectors of concern for the youths of the state in terms of education training and employment, health etc. resulted failure in reaching the target to deliver full responsibilities of youths in upholding unity and integrity of the Nation and the State, maintain peace and harmony among various communities and ethnic groups of the state, to have respect of law, respect others`™ faiths and beliefs in the religious, cultural and social spheres, uphold the dignity of the individual, and fight against exploitation of fellow citizens, promote good ethical conduct in individual and social life, to maintain honesty and integrity of character and be committed to fight against all forms of corruption and social evils, preserve and protect the environment, aware of the values of democratic and constitutional processes, including conduct of elections and formation of government and most importantly respect for elders and seniors, including teachers and parents, in consonance with each respective culture and traditions.

Over and above, the State Youth Policy need to accord priorities for the development for the group of young people including Rural youths, Out of school youth, Adolescents, particularly female adolescents, youths with disabilities, youth under special difficult circumstances like victims of trafficking, communal riots and conflicts etc.

Besides it is of the general observations that, once the adopted State Youth Policy are implemented properly in the state by the government very sincerely the chronic problems of the state including insurgency, drug abuses, communalism with be eliminated to a great extend, considering how important is the State Youth Policy, state government need to pay special attentions in proper implementations of various schemes and programmes by framing a Plan of Action for the proper implementation of State Youth Policy.



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