Mary Kom wins another Asian Gold Medal !



As five-time world boxing champion M C Mary Kom fought Asian champion Kim Myong Sim in the title bout at the Asian Cup women’s boxing tournament in Haikou, China, little Khupneivar cheered for mummy from his hospital bed in Chandigarh. Khupneivar, not yet four years old, will undergo cardiac surgery at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh on Thursday. Mary, who is rushing back to be with her son, had promised to win the gold for her family, said her husband, Omler Kom. “It was an emotional decision for her to leave before our son’s surgery,” Omler said. “But she promised me she would get the top spot,and I am happy that she did.” Mary beat her North Korean opponent 4-3 in the 48-kg title bout today. Omler, who is in Chandigarh with Khupneivar, followed the match on the Internet. The family came to know of the problem in Khupneivar’s heart a couple of months ago. After consulting with a doctor friend who is now based in Chandigarh , Mary decided to have the procedure done at PGI, which is close to NIS , Patiala , where she has been training. “We have many friends in Chandigarh ,” said Omler, 37, who has travelled to Chandigarh with Khupneivar, leaving his twin brother, Rechungvar, back home in Imphal. “We sometimes call Khupneivar ‘Naidu’, which means ‘beloved son’ in the Manipuri language,” Omler said. “Our boys started boxing wearing toy gloves a few months ago… Mary wants to win the Olympic gold medal for both of them.”

In the meantime, Minister of Development of North Eastern Region.Bijoy Krishna Handique has congratulated. Mary Kom on winning the Gold Medal at the Asian Cup Women’s Boxing Championships in Hakau China. In his message ,Handique wrote.“I am delighted to learn about your victory in the Asian Cup Women’s Boxing Championships on the 9th of May, 2011. This Gold Medal is another illustrious achievement in your glorious career, which is a source of pride and inspiration for the people of the country, especially those from the North Eastern Region. I congratulate you on this accomplishment. At the same time, I have learnt about the condition of your son and I strongly believe that he will recover soon after his surgery. I wish him well. Your success in these trying circumstances reinforces our belief in the triumph of spirit over circumstances. I wish you all success in your future forays in the ring thereby bringing more accolades for the country.

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