Reminder submitted urging review of April 25 cabinet decision


IMPHAL, May 3: Even as the state government has harden its stance against the street vendors in a bid to regulate traffic in the congested Imphal city roads, street vendors of Khwairamband bazar are continuing to press for review of the April 25 cabinet decision which has disallowed street vendors to operate their businesses in Imphal city areas.

The state government had yesterday effected an order directing all street vendors in Imphal city to be shifted to Crescent Shopping complex, Lamphel. The order issued by Dy. SP(traffic), Imphal West also said no street vendors will be allowed to operate in Imphal city core business area.

The order also mentioned that no parking shall be allowed on both sides of Paona Bazar, Thangal bazar, BT Road and MG Avenue but vehicles will be allowed for dropping and picking up only.

The order further mentioned that parking will be allowed at Keishampat along Tiddim road, Nagamapal starting from Kangjabi Leirak to Maharani Bridge, Uripok road, North AOC stretch and beyond and at the Old district hospital area.

In the meantime, the Khwairamband Bazar Vendors Nupi Yaipha Lup has submitted a reminder to the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh today urging the later to review the April 25 state cabinet decision.

The Lup`™s reminder to the Chief Minister said that the state government has been misled by giving an exaggerated number of genuine street vendors in Khwairamband bazar which comes only about 4000. It said wrongful information had come up to about 10000 street vendors in Imphal City area which is incorrect and this figure led the government to have a second thought in allowing the genuine 4000 street vendors of Khwairamband bazar to be accommodated at the temporary market shed.

While stating that the genuine street vendors of Khwairamband bazar wishes to operate at the vacant vending space available at the temporary market, the reminder also demanded the government to issue street vendor cards to them.

In the meantime, the JAC against the Decision of the State Cabinet for Street Vendors organized a meeting today at Khwairamband bazaar and decided to start operating their businesses at the northern side of Khwairamband market where government had ordered to be use as vehicle parking lot.

During the meeting, the JAC condemned the decision taken by the state cabinet and termed the government`™s action as ridiculous saying the decision was against the interest of the street vendors.

The JAC further said that the state government had earlier promised to allocate vending space for street vendors at the northern side of the temporary market. Unfortunately the state cabinet on April 25 had decided to shift the street vendors to Lamphel which is a suicidal place for street vendor as there can be no business at the new site.

While condemning the police action against street vendors during a protest yesterday at Khwairamband bazar, the JAC said three street vendors were injured during the police action while seven others were picked up by police.

Alleging that the street vendors who are starting to operate at Lamphel were actually hired by the government, the JAC asked state government to formulate a concrete policy for the sufering street vendors.


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