Terrorist and insurgent activities have gone down: CA Krishnan, IGAR south


IMPHAL, May 2: `Activities of Terrorist and insurgent has come down in a very big way in our territories and is quite manageable` stated Major General CA Krishnan, IGAR south.

The army general stated this during an exclusive interview with the IFP on the sidelines of an interaction programme held between the IGAR and state media persons organized at the IGAR head quarter, Mantripukhri.

While stressing on the role of media in the current conflict like situation in the state, CA. Krishnan claimed that the media can do a lot to help the people to bring the situation to normalcy adding tremendous improvement is seen in the field.

He stated that the media should help the local populace in garnering confidence by properly highlighting the improvement in the situation in the state.

He contended that there are large numbers of misled people especially among the youths who have resorted in taking up arms. But, these youths have realized the futility in taking up arms and want to get back to live a normal life. At the same time, they need lots of support from the society and the media for it takes tremendous amount of courage to give up arms and come back, said the army general.

There are lots of areas where villages are very difficult to get through. The section of the people are in desperate needs for their grievances to be address and their problems should be highlighted which in the meantime will be a good service, he said.

He also stated that the Assam Rifles strength mainly comprises of soldiers from the North Eastern region.

While elaborating on the progress made regarding counter insurgency operations in the state, he stated that the situation is a lot better than some three to five years back.

He also stated that from the point of view of Assam Rifles, activities of the terrorist and insurgent groups in the state have come down in a very big way. Although there are still camps of some militant groups in Myanmar in our territories the activities has come down and it has become quite manageable.

He further asserted that there is no reason not to believe that the situation will only improve now and it should not be long before Manipur become one of the most progressive states in the country.

Further during the programme an interaction between the IGAR, other high ranking officers and the media persons was also held. Besides the interaction, a quiz competition was also organized for the media persons on the topic `Do you know your Manipur`.

Awards and gifts were also given away by the IGAR to participants and winners of the quiz competition.


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