Threat on widow decried


IMPHAL, May 11: The Extra Judicial Execution’s Victims Families Association, Manipur (EEVFAM) has strongly condemned the torture, intimidation and threat to life of Khangembam Pushpa Devi, w/o (L) Khangembam Priyokumar for trying to seek justice for her dead husband, stated a release.
EEVFAM regards the act of threatening Pushpa as not only a challenge to Pushpa but to all the widows seeking legal justice adding the decision of right and wrong should be made by the court and not by arbitrary acts of violence, it claimed.
The act at the same time is almost appalling as this people have brought out the woes of the widow in front of the public, it said.
It mentioned that the National Human Rights Commission registered the case under filed number 32/14/108-09-FE following the subsequent complaint filed by Suhas Chakma, Director, Asian centre for human Rights (ACHR). NHRC has also directed the concerned district magistrate to submit a report on the extra judicial execution of Khangembam Priyokumar, it added.


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