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Editorial – Threats to social security must not be spared

Leader Writer: Leivon Jimmy

The recent news report published by a newspaper based in Nagaland of the so called ghost “Naga Crusaders” serving a quit notice to the general community from hill districts of Manipur is one of the most irresponsible thing that a well established and reputed media house had done.

Manipur as we all know is fragile state where sense of division is prevailing under the skin with influences from many megalomaniacs, ready to sacrifice others to propagate its principle for the shake of power.

Under such circumstances committing an error that could jeopardize the tranquility of communal harmony and cost huge damage, is a disappointment for the media fraternity especially when it is very irrelevant and easily avoidable topic sent by a ‘ghost’ from the other side of the world. It is a universal fact that “to err is human” and no body is perfect. But the error here was apparently immature and moreover ignorant of the ground reality of Manipur.

Fortunately the issue has passed off peacefully for the time being thanks to the matured approached of many civil bodies who echoed message of peace and harmony.

A big round of applause should be given to the All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMWJU). Considering the sensitivity of the situation it has swiftly acted to stone wall the further escalation of the issue by taking initiative to clear the doubt with highlighting what it has been informed as unintentional error besides bringing the so called “Naga Crusaders” to the notice of the people of its existence who currently seem to be in stealth mode.

The so called “Naga Crusader” has paved way for many opportunists. The most crucial moments has arrived for the people to be alert and aware ever than before. Taking due advantage to the unstable relation between of the two neighboring state in the wake of the prolonged and unofficial boundary issue, the time is ripe for witching hour.

Curiosity has now griped the mind of people. By now there may be hundreds odd questions wanting to be answered whether the recent act has anything to do with political implication, or instigation and what not? This curiosity is also another apprehension of intoxicating with unhealthy stress.

By and large it is the now the much required duty of the concerned authorities to regulate some extra careful measures before thing gets out of grip. At the same time, various civil bodies, social leaders must assist in the venture to prevent unwanted menace at their own capacity.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to find out the perpetrator behind the unhealthy act. If required an enquiry should be executed to the matter and booked the perpetrator under the law for intimidating the security of two state and exemplary action must be taken against them and no one should be spared.



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