Khuman Lampak blast victims left on their own


IMPHAL, June 15: Weeks have past since the blast occurred at the ADC office Khuman Lampak leaving three women of a family injured however the ill-fated family has been left on their own without a single financial or physical help from the government.

The victims, Neichin Singson along with her mother, Holdim alias Boinu Singson and elder sister Lucy were rushed to the JNIMS after bomb splinters inflicted injuries when a powerful bomb ripped through the campus of the ADC office at Khuman Lampak on May 28.

Even as the condition of Boinu (mother) and Lucy are stated to be stable, Neichin’s condition is far from improving.

The blast left Neichin’s abdomen open exposing her intestine. Doctors had to operate on her for about 7 hours. Her mother sustained splinter injury on her head and Lucy on her right shoulder.

Talking to IFP Lalboi Singson, a fourth grade employee of the PWD, said that a team of cabinet ministers which included DD. Thaisii, K. Ranjit, L. Jayenta Kumar and MPCC president Gaikhangam visited the family on the ill fated day. During their visit they assured the family not to worry as the government will give necessary assistance without any failure.

But no help of any form from the government has been received by the family, he said.

“My youngest daughter Neishi has been complaining of pain and wanting to have solid food, on the other hand the doctors said that my wife should be operated again for a metal piece is still embedded inside her head”.

“I don’t know what to say, I feel so lost since the incident occurred”, said Lalboi Singson with a sigh.

Our family has been victimized between a war of the government and anti-government elements but we are left to handle this like our personal problem, lamented Lalboi drawing the attention of the government to look into the grievances of the family.

Lalboi is the sole bread earner of the family of eight members including 6 children.

The family have so far received monetary help of rupees 19,000 from the pocket money of the minister who visited them, 10,800 rupees from the St. John School, New Lambulane, where Neiching and Lucy is studying and a sum of Rs 20, 000 each from four ADC members.

The family has spent around 70,000 rupees in the treatment of the three injured members with what ever is with them. Besides human casualty a Kawashaki bike was also damage beyond redemption, said Lalboi.

It may be recalled that a powerful bomb exploded in the campus of the temporary office of ADC located at Khuman Lampak on June 28 morning around 9:45 am. Police claimed that the bomb was fitted in car. However the motive behind the attack is yet to be ascertained as no individual or organization has so far claim responsibility for the attack.


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