UNC terms Nagaland Post report ploy to derail pol process, demands explanation


IMPHAL, June 23(Newmai News Network): The United Naga Council (UNC) has termed the press note of the so called `Naga Crusaders` as a `fictitious publication and strongly condemned it. The UNC demanded from Nagaland Post newspaper to come out openly in this connection while identifying who the so called `Naga Crusaders` are.

The UNC was reacting to the June 22 edition of Dimapur based daily Nagaland Post where the so called `Naga Crusaders` in its purported press release had served a quit notice to Meiteis living in the hill districts of Manipur with July 10 as the deadline given.

Informing this to Newmai News Network from Senapati this afternoon the publicity wing of the United Naga Council said that since the opening of the Pandora’s Box by the state government of Manipur, many unusual things are happening to the detriment of its people in particular and the North East people in general.

“The June 22 edition of Nagaland Post publication by the so called `Naga Crusaders` informing the Meiteis residing/staying in the hill districts of Manipur to leave before 10th of July, 2011, contradicts the political approach and decision of the Nagas in Manipur,” the United Naga Council said.

The UNC then stated, “It is presumed that, such fictitious publication is a ploy to once again derail the ongoing political process. UNC believes in political talk and solution through talk. We want peaceful parting of ways with our oppressors. We condemned the “ghost” (Naga Crusaders) notice as irrelevant, unhealthy, misguiding and against the spirit of peaceful resolution”.

The United Naga Council condemned and urged the Nagaland Post to “come out openly” in this regard for the good of all.


  1. “Naga Crusaders” is appeared to be “ghost one” to create another “misunderstanding” between the members of the family in Manipur because they seem not interested to see peaceful family existence in Manipur. However, Nagaland Post, which is only of the oldest dailies and reputed ones in Nagaland could indulge in such highly questionable “humbug and canard” without knowing the authencity of the so-called “Naga Crusadres.” None of the daily in the northeast particularly in Manipur and Nagaland has had this source except Nagaland Post. Even if they got, they would at the most not entertain unless they knew they were there.


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