Manorama fondly remembered on her death anniversary


People paying floral tributes to Thounaojam Manorama Devi on her Seventh Death Anniversary observation at her birthplace at Bamon Kampu, Imphal-East district.
IMPHAL, July 11: Hundreds of people flocked at the birthplace of Thangjam Manorama Devi at Bamon Kampu in Imphal east district to pay their homage on her seventh death anniversary today.

Manorama was allegedly killed by security personnel after brutally raping and torturing her.

To mark her death anniversary, the Manorama Memorial Charitable Trust and Apunba Lup jointly organized a observation at Bamon Kampu.

Many prominent social activists present on the ocassion unequivocally demanded the withdrawal of AFSPA categorizing it among the draconian laws enacted to safeguard security forces.

Echoing the same view on repealing the dreaded AFSPA from the soil of Manipur, Thanoujam Iboyaima call upon all organizations in the state to stand up unitedly to fight all forms of human rights violations. He stated that people’s movement for repeal of AFSPA should be strengthened.

He emphasised the world-wide condemnation of AFSPA reminding that United Nations has persistently decried the special empowerment provided to security force under the Act. He reiterated that the AFSPA has undoubtedly proven to an easy tool for transgressing the boundaries of human rights by the security forces.

Iboyaima further criticised the remark of the Chief of Army Staff of India in which he defended the continuation of AFSPA maintaining that it is indispensable for successful counter-insurgency operations.

The criminals who have committed inhumane crimes against women and children should be given capital punishments so that they would not dare to commit such crimes again, Iboyaima stated.

Phunindro Konsam stated that AFSPA as a legacy of the British colonial rule which has been retained by the Indian specially to suppress insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir and northeastern states.

Although, the draconian law has been repealed from the areas in Imphal municipality other regions of the state are reeling under the evil impact of the law, he noted.

He called for larger cooperation among women vigilante and other organizations for the cause of the society rather than indulging in selfish agendas.

Coordinators of Apunba Lup, namely Ayekpam Langdon Leima and Sunil Karam, president of Manorama Memorial Charitable Trust Shanggoi Luwang and members of AMUCO, UCM, AMKIL and other civil society organizations also attended the observation.


  1. This should be stark reminder for all that Indian are genetically pervert with regards to treatment towards women in general(they themselves have surveyed and accepted the fact).They have been inheriting such trait till today to treat their own women which have never satiated and explore to pry on other community’s woman.If we don’t stop means we are allowing such beast an privilege and birth right to violate more and more crime untold! 


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