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Kangla Fort , Manipur : Amrit Koijam


Photography by: Amrit Koijam

” The Palace of Kangla is an old palace at Kangla in the Manipur state of India. It was situated on both sides (western and eastern) of the bank of the Imphal River. But now it remains only on the western side of the bank. Only the ruins remain now. Kangla means “dry land” in old Meitei. It was the traditional seat of the past Meitei rulers of Manipur. The British referred to it as the Manipur Fort ” from wikipedia


  1. dear sir,
    i would like to buy this picture for a calander page
    it will be of great help if you tell me the price.
    the title of the picture is “Kangla-Fort-Manipur-61”
    Ravi Basu
    (please get back as soon as possible)

  2. hayum sidaba mapu……………nganthoiba oishanu ko matam chuppada kangla…………..khonggun lirakpa oirashanu ko eikhoi gi haurakpham macha oiba eikhoi na……………mutkhinu ko malem sina khanglakpa oirakpa oirashanu ko

  3. “Phajeida ningthida palem O, Ha Ema Manipur, Emagi mingkheidi sheithabagi loiba nairaroi, leite kadaidasu taibang sangsarda nangumna phajabi mapham ama.”

  4. Manipur is the land of all the gift of god…!we are very proud of our motherland
    “malem sinb thung’na koina chatlurbsu thengnakhraroi ko ema manipur nang gum’na phajaba”


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