`No evidence found on alleged kidnap and gang rape of Sakina`


IMPHAL, Aug 18: The Keirao Kendra Fact Finding Committee of Miss Sakina alias Memi of Keirao Makting Mayai Leikai has stated that no evidence on alleged kidnap and gang rape of Sakina has been found by the committee.

Member of fact-finding committee, Sanahanbi stated that Sakina and her family members have framed a story just to create a major scandal. The committee has found out that there was no attempt to kidnap Sakina. She was in proper condition without any dirt on her clothes on the next day of her alleged abduction. There was no evidence of gang rape as per the forensic report and DNA test. She might perhaps spend the night with her boyfriend and cooked up the story just to escape from the wrath of her family.

Sakina’s case has been influenced by some people just to defame MI Khan and his family members. The committee has found out the truth and demanded the authorities concerned to judge the case properly, Sanahanbi asserted.


  1. Such a childish sort of news is a part to defame a news paper like of this one. The paper is read by many precious people all over the world. Moreover this paper meant mainly for those who are outside manipur which we termed as pool of manipur’s knowledge. So, it would not be wrong to suggest to sort out the reports in order of reliable and less reliable and which is more of public opinion.  Best of luck to KO.


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