NPO cautions political parties


IMPHAL, Aug 24: The Naga People’s Organization (NPO), considering the increasing tension and enormity of the prevailing situation in regard to Sadar Hills Demand for Districthood, advised Manipur Government including the Opposition Parties to exercise extreme caution in dealing the issue.

A statement issued by the organisation’s president M.L. Markson, said “Any political parties cannot take advantage of the issue for their vested political mileage; rather focus on collective and coherent resolution to the conflict which is inflicting the harmony of the State.”

While respecting the opinions and suggestions of the political parties as stated in the local media, the NPO also appeals the political leaders and parties in the Manipur Assembly to maintain extreme sincerity in representing the issue rather than politicizing the issue for elections gains. The Opposition parties must speak out against any role of the ruling Government’s policies to victimize and suppress the historical right of a particular community at the expense of another, it said.

Reaffirming its stance, it asserted that any illogical and prejudice conclusion of the issue during the coming Manipur Assembly will only escalate the present volatile situation rather than finding solutions. It also condemns the O. Ibobi government for allegedly using communal agendas to instigate litigious issue between the Nagas and other communities of Manipur.

Asserting that the Nagas has ancestral right over the ownership of their land, it further asserted that the bifurcation of the District cannot fulfill aspiration of a particular community but ignite communal flare.


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