AMSU alleges unethical practices at AP Nursing college


    IMPHAL September 20: The All Manipur Students’ Union has submitted a letter to the minister of Health & Family Welfare appealing for his timely intervention and prompt action stating that lots of students from the state studying at Jaya College of Nursing, Hanamkonda, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh are in a position to loss their career because of unethical practices of the said college.


    The letter has also stated that 13 students from the state are admitted at the college.

    The students have been madeto sign aservice bond by the authority of the college and as such when the students wanted their course certificates, the authority of the collge have denied the same on the question of the service bond and instead of listening to the students, the authority concerned has threatened to expel the students.

    The letter further stated that the Nursing apex body, the Indian Nursing Council had made it clear stand on the issue and had notified all nursing institutes to stop such unethical practice of taking service bond immediately and had warned of penal action.

    The letter ended with an appeal to the minister to intervene in the matter timely and to save the career of the students.


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