Ex-MLA Natum pledges to support RK Imo


IMPHAL September 5: Soram Natum Singh, ex-MLA Sagolband has consented to work together with RK Imo Singh in the coming general election scheduled to be held next early year.

In connection with this, a reception function was organized by Sagolband Constituency Progressive Development Committee at Khanglangba Community Hall, Sagolband.

S. Natum Singh, Moirang Kabui, former chairperson of IMC, and other dignitaries of the constituency attended the reception function as the chief guest, president and guests of Honour respectively.

Many speakers during the function resented that the Sagolband constituency has been pushed to unnecessary hardships since the last couple years owing to incompetent leadership in the constituency. They had divulged during the function that among other inconveniences faced on daily basis by the residents, erratic power supply, improper running water and poor conditions of roadways and other amenities has added to their woes. The function held today this afternoon were attended many residents of the constituency.


  1. sagoband constituency can regain its lost glory only if rk imo singh represents the same
    he should contest this time irrespective of the party and we the residents would support him all out


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