Oh My Leader Recast Your Strategies Be Leader Of Beloved Not Of The Outcastes


by RS Jassal
You are loosing your ground day by day. You were a sound person, why from ‘national worker’ you wish to go internationally acclaimed terrorist. How many leaders in various groups like you have got how many targeted killings achieved? This is the 11th death of a ‘national worker’ both from hills & valley, who have lost their lives in the process of carrying IEDs (Composed) from place A to target area. A few of them lost themselves while assembling the components while undergoing training too. The Anthony like acting under confusion, inexperience and nervousness achieving the status of a ‘suicide bomber’ by circumstances. My son not only gave his life but taken other innocents , harmless,  the best flowers of the parents and bosom’s natural pair of doves walking with locked hands in friendship . How shameful! It is nothing other than madness; reasons behind this may be any. I still own you up because I have dedicated my all stakes in you and you are not coming forward to spell out  your purpose of  act: Is this a military fight in disguise of cowardice to finish off  opponents moral and social strength but where is that military wares you were  aiming to destroy?

Of course I do agree, you are a great brave fighter to prove strength by firing from back and taking shelter in a crowded place to cover the heinous act confuse others to  keep on speculating ‘action was against’ Autonomous Councilor Members or against Hindi bhashis or  disobedients defying your extortion demands or  for settlement of political scores. Yet getting dignified, dye fide proclaimed compassionate status when you say ‘I have not done it’. And you are still worshipped and gifted. Not only person like me obliged to be obedient to you even the Government also bends to what you desire. There is now enough confusion all-round in politics operational and field intelligence. Vision stands blurred solution to any problem seems impossible. So is the quality of modern leader(s) and bureaucrats on other side.  Gone are the days when a leader controlled his passion (intense desire) – passion for possession, passion for recognitions, passion for wealth, passion for promotions, passion for pleasures  and luxuries, passion for name and fame – the human fragilities which put ceiling on effective leadership. Why not! you got every right to put confused confusion   in the front line after all legally placed political leadership also acts in confusional white wash – Nagalim v/s integrity of Manipur, ethnic compactness v/s political grouping of people for administration, riding on unequal laws/ statutes, LRA/MLRA incompetencies, forest policy without forests confusions and confusion all put in one called Manipur imbroglio. So your leadership stands like a pole star so what even if we have to sacrifice thousands of innocents’ lives more! Long time my leader. End of part III of III.

This is in response to pain and pangs on death of 5 innocents & eight injured in blast of 01 August, 2011. Surprisingly many write ups have appeared for the two students only and hardly any on others.  Author pays his heart felt condolences to all the departed souls wishing peace to the organizers of blast so that the leader collapses under weight of sins against innocents.


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