Sadar Hills chiefs reacts


    IMPHAL, Sept 24: The Sadar Hills Chiefs’ Association (SAHILCA) reacting to an article written by Yambem Laba, prominent writer and human right activist, alleging the chiefs of legitimizing the SHDDC’s call to arm its supporters, shows lack of respect for the former.

    “No doubt the chiefs are the backbone of SHDDC, but not to fight the government with arms” it said asserting that the allegation is blasphemy as there is no official decision as such in the meeting ever conducted by the chiefs, SHDDC in the presence of the leaders of the chiefs.

    It further held that the line of action in this regards taken up by the government to seize armed licenses is a ploy to delay and divert the demand for Sadar Hills district away from the democratic forms of agitations spearheaded by the SHDDC.


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