Gaan-Ngai Celebration Committee

    IMPHAL, Oct 24: A state level meeting of Zeliangrong organizations, namely Tingkao Ragwang Chupriak Phom, Zeliangrong Boudi (AMN), Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Zeliangrong Women’s Society, Manipur Valley, Zeliangrong United Club Association, Manipur Valley, Rongmei Luh Phom and All Zeliangrong Arts and Culture Organization has resolved that the existing Gaan-Ngai Celebration Committee shall continue to work in accordance with the rules and by laws, the task of expansion of members has been entrusted to the existing committee by the members of the joint committee and some members shall be nominated to talk and convince the persons who have brought the issue of Gaan-Ngai Festival-ban and crisis, stated a release.



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