Sekmai villagers rally against inclusion of their villages to proposed Sadar Hills district


IMPHAL, October 16: Thousands of people today carried out a mass rally against the inclusion of some villages under Sekmai assembly constituency to the proposed Sadar Hills district.

The rally started from two different locations of Phayeng and Khurkhul, and later converged at Lamsang.

However, the rally was disrupted by the police at Lamsang Bazar while proceeding towards the Chief Minister’s Bungalow for submitting a memorandum.

Later, some representatives of Land Protection Committee of Sekmai Assembly Constituency were chosen to submit the memorandum to the Chief Minister urging him to exclude the villages of Senjam Chirang, Senjam Khunou, Awang Sekmai, Phayeng, Tairenpokpi, Khurkhul, Kadangband, Kangchup and Koutruk under Sekmai assembly constituency from the purview of the formation of proposed Sadar Hills district.

The committee had also earlier submitted a representation to the chairman of Re-organization of Administrative and Police District Boundaries in this issue.

The people who took part in the rally strongly resented the inclusion of some Sekmai villages to the proposed Sadar Hills district and urged the authorities concerned to take the right decision for resolving the crisis.


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