State girl allegedly molested at Delhi


NEW DELHI, October 17: A Naga girl from Manipur was sexually abused by a local man in North Delhi last night. A boy who came to help her was brutally beaten by localites and help the accused fled.

According to source reaching to North East Support Centre & Helpline, the incident happened when Ms Joyce (name changed) was making telephone call from a public phone booth last night at around 8:30 pm, a man came from behind and assaulted her. When she raised alarm, a boy belonging to the same community living nearby, came to her rescue and caught the man. Meanwhile, two local boys attacked him and helped the accused to flee from the scene.

A Naga Student body rushed to Timapur police station and lodged a complaint against the molester. A case is register under FIR 224/2011 and two men who attacked the boy and allowed the molester to flee are detained in police station without any FIR being registered against them until the filing of the report. The man who assaulted the girl is absconding.

Madhu Chandra, spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline spoke to a senior police officer posted in North Delhi campus and expressed the helplessness when law enforcing agencies do not perform their duties. He took up the matter with police officer on duty at Timapur Police station.

“Timapur police station has records of how they have handled such cases. Two Naga girls were molested by people who came for police recruiting in 2005 and two sisters from Manipur were molested in daylight by two men from local in Gandhi Vihar in 2008 under the same police station. The cases were denied and delayed for four days until the pressure mounted from media and top officials. These cases are not justified till today” said Madhu Chandra.

Indian Constitution guarantees equality of justice to citizens irrespective of caste, race, religion and place of birth, but it has been always different when it comes to the people from North East India.

“India as a nation, particularly Delhi and the National Capital Region has to convince the people of the North east that we are same citizens. Denial and delay in delivery of justice to the victims from North east is a constitutional violation. Xenophobia in law enforcing agencies must be stopped immediately,” further said Madhu Chandra.



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