Titular king informs President on state woes


IMPHAL, Oct 29: The titular king of Manipur, Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba, has submitted a memorandum to the President of India, Pratiba Patil, appealing to take immediate action to stop illegal interference of the state government in the administration of the Sadar Hills Autonomous district.

The appeal submitted by P. Tomcha Meitei, legal advisor to the king, on behalf of the titular king, highlighted the provisions of the Articles 371 of the constitution of India which have conferred powers upon the President to direct the state as to the administration of the Hill areas of Manipur.

It further mentioned “the Governor shall annually or whenever so required by the President, make a report to the President regarding the administration of the Hill Areas in the state of Manipur and the executive power of the Union shall extend to the giving of directions to the state as to the administration of the said areas”.

Instead of performing the constitutional duty and authority conferred by the said Manipur Hills Areas Autonomous District Council Act of 1971, the successive Governors of the state of Manipur has totally neglected the district councils including the Sadar Hills Autonomous District council, alleged the memorandum.

Leisemba Sanajaoba also questioned the authority of the central government’s failure to take up positive action to open up the national highways, which has been kept sealed by the blockade of the SHDDC and the counter-blockade of the UNC.

In view of the sufferings due to the said impasse on Sadar Hills issue, it implored the President to initiate immediate action by invoking the power and authority conferred on her by the constitution and issue necessary direction to the stop illegal interference of the state government in the administration of the Sadar Hills Autonomous district and to take up necessary measures to check that the administration is properly carried on without creating any confusion to the people of the state in general and Hill districts in particular.

The memorandum further demand clarification from the President of India whether the GOI has abandoned the people of the state of Manipur to their own faith without giving any support and protection under the constitution of India and the law of the land. 



  1. why not also sent your appeal to USA, UK, China, Russia, Australia, Myammer, Thailand, Japan, UN and to all the countries of the world. and see what is their reactions. If after sending it to all sort of sections of world, still, their is no reaction, than what, what will you do. That is the time, when all meities should start pondering upon the thought. No one is interested in the problems of the manipur, as they have bigger problem with them. So, my dear fake king of manipur, whose fore father sold off the land of manipur, don’t waste time and money, doing day dreaming for the purpose of Media and showcasing with expectation that, some one, who is outsiders to meiteis, will come and solve your problem for free. you have to solve your own problem, try to grow up.


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