Naga Women Union condemns state police chief`s statement


IMPHAL, November 7: The Naga Women Union, NWU in an emailed statement has denounced the statement of the Director General of Police (DGP), Manipur which appeared in various state based dailies justifying the “brute and violent action” of state police commandos and IRB personnel recently against protestors at Noney.

“The statement of the DGP is concocted with the intension to mislead the general public and to justify violence, loots and slanderous actions of the Manipur Police Forces” it stated. 

Further according to the statement, the people of Luangmai and adjoining areas are protesting against the MoU signed between the state government and Sadar Hill Districthood Demand Committee under the aegis of United Naga Council.

It has further alleged that on November 5, the people of Luangmei areas were peacefully protesting by ensuring general strike. It has further alleged that well-armed Manipur Police Commandoes and Indian Reserved Battalion personnel without any provocation arrived on scene and started violence actions by torching one Tata Sumo bearing a registered no. MNO3P 2257 belong to one Ringjuanang of Thingra village. 

It has also charged that they destroyed another vehicle belong to BRTF stationed nearby. Then the people intervened and tried to reason out. In meantime, heavily armed convoys of police re-enforcement arrived and start to fire.  The police further proceed to break open many shops, pulled up the occupants, beaten up with riffles buds and pressing with barren tips, etc.

It has further charged that the Naga Women Union expresses total indignation over the police extreme violent behavior.


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