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Nothing concrete on Supra state, which is expected to be granted: NPF

IMPHAL, November 23 (NNN): The Manipur unit of Naga People’s Front (NPF) on Wednesday strongly affirmed to protect the culture, tradition, custom and land holding system which the political party said an inheritance from forefathers from time immemorial.

Being a regional party, the NPF Manipur state unit has been keenly observing the day to day happenings in the state, said Somi Keishing, state NPF spokesperson told Newmai News Network today.

Expressing concern about the issue of “Supra-State Body”, Somi said that the issue has sparked tension and antipathy in the state and almost all the communities are feeling uncertainty over the issue.

Apparently referring to the majority in Manipur Somi Keishing said, “Nothing concrete step has been taken up so far with regard to Supra State Body, which is expected to be granted to the Nagas, but there have been much talks and apprehension in the minds of the government and the majority community sending a wrong signal to the Naga people”.

“In the past in many occasions, the state government cried things like no ceasefire extension; not allowing Th. Muivah to visit his native land; not allowing Neiphiu Rio to visit Tamenglong to attend a programme; and tried to prevent the extension of NPF in Manipur. All these things had created a sense of deprivation to the Nagas of the state,” Somi said.

Putting a question mark on the position where the state government actually wants to place the Naga people, the NPF spokesperson expressed surprise over the press statement of chief minister O Ibobi Singh that said, “There is no particular land belongs to the Naga, Kukis or the Meiteis.”

Tribals who have inherited their lands from time immemorial with distinct custom and traditions have been threatened, Somi lamented.

“If the lands occupied by the Nagas and Kukis are not belonging to them, then to whom those lands belong to”, questioned Somi.

Stating that co-existence among the different communities needs to maintain their own customs, traditions and cultures, he observed that intruding sensitive area of a particular community will ultimately lead to chaos.

Citing constitutional rights, Somi further viewed that the Nagas have the desire to integrate with the state of Nagaland while the majority community of Manipur, particularly in the valley has maintained to protect the state integrity which is not against the Constitution.

However, he said the final decision has to be taken by somebody else, therefore, it is not necessary to panic over a constitutional issue, Somi asserted.



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