House agrees to allocation of time by BAC


    IMPHAL, Dec 20: During the first day of the 12th session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly, the state Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh who also holds the state finance minister laid the Finance Accounts, 2010-11 and the Appropriation Accounts, 2010-11 before the House.

    The Chief Minister further presented the Twentieth Report of the Business Advisory Committee, 2011 which was further agreed by the House for the allocation of the time as proposed by the committee.

    The Chief Minister further introduced the Manipur Lok Ayukta Bill, 2011 for consideration by the House.

    The state law and legislative affairs minister and chairman of the House Committee on Private Members’ Resolution No 15 on Bandh and Blockade in the state of Manipur Th Debendra Singh also tabled the report of the house committee for further deliberation.


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