UNC submits alternative arrangement reminder to PM during his visit to state


IMPHAL, December 4: The United Naga Council had submitted a memorandum in demand for alternative arrangement outside the state government of Manipur to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during his visit to the state on December 3.

According to a release of the council, the memorandum was submitted to the PM at the Raj Bhawan.

The memorandum has stated that “We are much concern that even after fourteen long years of cease-fire and negotiation, an acceptable settlement to the Indo-Naga issue has not been brought about nor any concrete steps been taken towards it. We urge the government of India to take expeditious concrete steps towards settlement of the Indo-Naga issue”.

The memorandum has further recalled that the council had also submitted a similar memorandum to the Prime Minister through the Union home minister on Setember 14 at New Delhi.

It has further reminded that the Home minister acting on the said memorandum had initiated the democratic process of dialogue through the tripartite talk of the GoI, GoM and UNC and that there has been three rounds of talks already.

The memorandum has also stated that “unfortunately, the tripartite talks, apart from being subjected to the convenience of the GoM, have by design been limited to the technicality of centre and state jurisdiction/prerogatives and highlighting the development initiatives of the government of Manipur for the tribal areas in the state of Manipur, when the ground reality harshly speak otherwise. The process has not taken up the core issue of demand for alternative arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur, outside the government of Manipur pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue as it should”.

It has further stated that “The sharp social divide on communal lines which your good self had noted with concern in the 40th conference of DGPs on 26th August, 2010 which was created by unmistakable facts of years and years of suppression, subjugation and hegemonic domination of the Nagas and tribals by the communal Government of Manipur backed by the dominant community is the core issue on which we base our demand for an alternative arrangement”.

“Through legitimately established sanctions, the rights of the Nagas and the tribals in Manipur are being surely and irredeemably taken away” it mentioned.

The memorandum has further stated that, “Should the GoI plead helplessness citing the technicality of centre state relationship, then it condemns the Nagas and the tribals to continued deprivation and suppression and GoI becomes the knowing and willing abettor of the injustices meted out against us”.


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