Ban on entertainment programmes lifted


IMPHAL, Jan 30: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has lifted its ban on organizing sumang leela and musical programmes and screening of films outside the cinemas as the elections have ended.

In a press release, the outfit stated that several incidents that occurred during the run up to the polls have justified its decision to temporarily impose the curbs during the prelude despite the attempts from several quarters to wrongly influence the people about its intention.

However, it added that the ban on supporters of four ministers and candidates of Sekmai’s Trinamool Congress and INC will stay.

On the other hand, the MCP alleged that several elements in the Manipur Film Forum has tried to malign its image after misrepresenting its sincere appeals and sway the opinions of the whole organizations dishonestly. 

The decision of the members of forum to air their opinions against the group in a public meeting was unfortunate but the MCP does not hold any grudge against any one of them. Neither has the group served any curb on people involved with Manipuri movies in the past. It had simply requested them not to publicly screen their movies till elections were over and subsequently diluted punishment were meted to three films that went against it.  The group said no monetary demand will be sent to artist or other persons related to the film industry, sumang leela group or singers. The release made an appeal to the film forum to disengage itself from activities disparaging the group and followed it up with a warning that such mistakes will not go unnoticed. 


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